Five Scientifically Proven Steps for more Health, Energy & Vitality

“How I discovered permanent solution to my chronic health problems and saved my own life through decades of breakthrough scientific medical research doctors and medical professionals will never tell you about…”


Most people are silently suffering from chronic health issues feeling helpless. The truth is, most chronic health problems can be completely reversed OR prevented altogether. I am going to show you exactly how I transformed my life and how the same information is helping many around the world…

This article is for YOU if you are suffering from chronic health problems such as digestive issues, eczema, constipation, nail ridges, hair loss, sugar cravings etc OR may be you are in a relatively good health but concerned how to prevent and protect yourself and your family by making positive changes. You will find that that it is easy to live a life of great health and vitality when you have the right information, steps and strategies.

Our health and wellbeing system is broken!

Because if it was not, we wouldn’t have had the overwhelming number of issues that we face today. Did you know that :

  • One in five Britons suffer from anxiety or depression, according to the most comprehensive study ever carried out
  • Every year almost 98,000 people die due to medical errors
  • 80% of obese children go on to become obese adults

Even the situation is same in the US. Here is an excerpt from the report ‘Death by Medicine’ by Gary Null, PhD; Carolyn Dean MD, ND; Martin Feldman, MD; Debora Rasio, MD; and Dorothy Smith, PhD, that explains why health system is broken (and it very much applies to us, and this is why….):

“US health care spending reached $1.6 trillion in 2003, representing 14% of the nation’s gross national product. Considering this enormous expenditure, we should have the best medicine in the world. We should be preventing and reversing disease, and doing minimal harm. Careful and objective review, however, shows we are doing the opposite. Because of the extraordinarily narrow, technologically driven context in which contemporary medicine examines the human condition, we are completely missing the larger picture.

Medicine is not taking into consideration the following critically important aspects of a healthy human organism: (a) stress and how it adversely affects the immune system and life processes; (b) insufficient exercise; (c)excessive caloric intake; (d) highly processed and denatured foods grown in denatured and chemically damaged soil; and (e) exposure to tens of thousands of environmental toxins. Instead of minimizing these disease-causing factors, we cause more illness through medical technology, diagnostic testing, overuse of medical and surgical procedures, and overuse of pharmaceutical drugs. The huge disservice of this therapeutic strategy is the result of little effort or money being spent on preventing disease.”


So the fact is if traditional route to medical treatment has not been working for you, you now know why – as the experts themselves mentioned above.

But it doesn’t have to be this way…

Today you will be able to make a choice that can transform your life and that of your family because what I am about to share has helped my students and clients around the world.

If you always wanted to experience a new life full of health, energy, vitality, inner balance and harmony, then this is where you will find it

A big promise, right? I will prove to you very shortly…

We talked about what’s wrong with medicine, now let me explain some of the other factors why the current health and well being system is brokenI did not find anyone with a complete solution. People talk about nutrition, physical exercise, raw food dieting, may be even meditation and spiritual healing, but the problem with these approaches is that no matter what you do, if you are not dealing with the main problem it can hurt you instead of benefit you.

What I found was that everyone has a piece of the puzzle, but no one really has put them all together, and that’s why my journey started almost a decade ago.

I want to tell you my story, because you may be where I was a few years ago.

My name is Konstantinos Kapelas (aka The Health Architect). A few years ago I was working long hours in high-pressure and high profile jobs (at WB,Rolls Royce, Claridge’s) in the area of catering and hospitality. Long hours, stress and not taking care of my physical and mental health were silently taking a toll on me.

Without me noticing, my health started to suffer, my performance started to drop. My mental enthusiasm and stamina started to fade – my body and mind felt drained. At home, I was tired and I didn’t have time for my family and myself. At work I just wasn’t on top of my game. My energy levels dropped forcing me to nibble on sweet things to keep me going… Now this might be responsible for many gaining weight, but I didn’t. I lost 10 kgs in 2 months as I was stressed out.


What I discovered after years of study astonished me

As I started learning these things I realised how little most doctors and health professional actually know. I realised how little knowledge people have in terms of how to keep themselves healthy and protect themselves and their families.

I found an integral relationship between 5 areas: Nutritional, Physical, Environmental, Emotional and Spiritual. 

Most importantly as I started to implement what I learnt it transformed my health, not only my physical health and the symptoms I was suffering from improved, but also the state of my mental and spiritual health got better.

I improved my relationships, expanded businesses, became a better decision maker and overall enjoyment of life, happiness, confident and well-being skyrocketed.

My students and clients around the world have used the same system and achieved remarkable results.


The Truth is

No matter how much medication you take, exercise, meditate, have healthy diet or food supplements, if you are not aware of the way these five areas all work together to give you a healthy body, mind and spirit you may never be able to live your full potential, as I couldn’t for years.

Introducing the KAPELAS Health and Vitality SYSTEM™

Here are the 5 areas that affect your overall health and vitality, and you can not ignore any of them


Here is a list of a few of the diseases that the Kapelas System™ can help prevent and in many cases reverse completely.

  • Arthritis
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Infertility
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Indigestion
  • Insomnia
  • Asthma
  • Thyroid problems
  • Chronic Pain
  • Poor Immune System
  • Stress / Depression
  • Weight loss
  • Headaches / Migraines

If you have any of these health problems and you haven’t found a cure, KAPELAS Health and Vitality System™ can offer you an alternative approach with a very high probability of results.

This will be applicable even if you do not have any of these diseases but may be concerned about the health of yourself and your family and want to put in place preventative measures.

So this is how it works

  • It helps you achieve optimal physical and emotional health through foods, remedies, preventative and alternative medicine discovered after decades of research (all 100% natural)
  • Identifies the key factors (Nutritional, Physical, Environmental, Emotional and Spiritual) that are damaging or draining your positive health and fix them
  • Unlocks the keys to total well-being with proven, natural solutions that will give your body energy and help you overcome health challenges
  • Teaches your mind and body to heal and stay healthy on their own by bringing it into a homeostatic state

Now, let me explain why each and every area is critically important to your well being and ignoring any of them can cause havoc and undermine all the good things you might be doing.

Read each one of them very carefully and analyse to identify with your own situation.

Physical health: It is NOT what you are thinking

When I say ‘physical health’ what may come to your mind is exercise, losing weight, keeping fit etc. But what you do on a daily basis has a wider implication than you think.

Did you know that…

  • The way you sleep at night can make your immune system weak, making your body fatigue and prone to a number of diseases including genetic pre-dispositions (meaning increasing the probability of catching genetic diseases in the family such as diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, chronic fatigue, cancer, allergies etc)
  • Did you know that the way you exercise could actually hurt you leaving you worse off? For example, training with your mouth open most of the time leaves your body less oxygenated than you were before the training. Now if this happens for a long time than you may end up with situations like athletes and healthy people having heart attacks out of the blue or even death. Another example, when people try to lose weight or get into fitness first they need to detoxify and cleanse their bodies before they commence any form of exercise, otherwise the body will get stressed by trying to cope with the training load as well as trying to cleanse itself.
  • Did you know that if you learned a simple breathing technique that can keep you away from several diseasesand not only that if you breathe wrongly it can cause you several diseases?

A Physical health tip from the inside of Kapelas System™:

A shocking health tip is that “breathing less is more” according to Bohr Law: ”The more CO2 in our body, the more oxygen will be absorbed in the blood from Haemoglobin” and “Carbon Dioxide is, in fact, a more fundamental component of living matter than is oxygen”

Yandell Henderson, Cyclopaedia of Medicine, 1940

The 4 key parts of KAPELAS SYSTEM™ physical health

  1. Identify your body / mind stressors and advice on how to eliminate and protect yourself from them(including assessing your home and office for stressors with professional equipment, test emotional / stress resilience, test the breathing / if the person is hyperventilating, identify the weakest systems)
  2. Detoxify and cleanse your body(test and help you cleanse parasites, heavy metals, limiting beliefs and emotional blockages)
  3. Rebuild and strengthen your whole body(strengthen / fix your endocrine and digestive systems as they directly affect your immune system which if it is impaired then we are exposed to all kinds of chronic diseases and generic predispositions), train with biofeedback equipment how to be emotionally resilient, retrain your breathing and help you stop depending on medications for the rest of your life
  4. Maintenance and continuity of your good health and wellbeing, Empowering you with unique tools, techniques and training to maintain your health and well-being so you can be on top of your game

Emotional Health

Do you know what is responsible for all things?

You may have heard people suggesting that you think positive so you can feel good about yourself and the world around you, but did you know that what goes on in your mind can have a bigger impact on your health too.

We all know that we should reduce our stress, but that’s easier said than done when we’re simply trying to keep up with our fast paced life.

If you are stressful it is depleting your body’s vital nutrients

And it is done basically by poisoning ourselves with the production of Cortisol and other stress hormones. If this is not dealt with for long it can lead to several diseases such as depression, high blood pressure, etc. No matter how healthy food habits you have, if you are not able to stop this leakage of vital nutrients from your body the results could be damaging.

The Kapelas System™ deals with your emotional health in a systematic manner to not only help stop the damage but also roots out emotional stress related issues accumulated over the years that are not easily identifiable on the surface.

It is done in three steps:

Step 1

Identify the damages done by depletion of nutrients in your body and fill in the gaps with the right nutrition

Step 2

Through simple and step by step process, completely stop any further damage and instantly neutralise any negative feelings / emotions as they arise

Step 3

Help you identify negative emotional events that have occurred over the years that are holding you back mostly what you are not aware of and utilise them to make positive changes

The Kapelas SystemInsider Knowledge

A quick tip to reduce daily stress

Stop energy drain from stress and reduce anxiety by not feeding “drama” into your thoughts and conversations. Constantly spinning thoughts of and projecting blame, anger and doom and gloom about the future, increases drama and always makes things worse. It blinds our intuitive discernment, a vital tool for navigating our challenges.

Start by decreasing drama when in your interactions with others, sharing only genuine heart feelings. This reduces the tendency to amplify and repeat the downside of situations and increases the tendency to strengthen and encourage sober support and solutions.

“Absolutely brilliant”

“You are a wealth of knowledge and so full of life and energy. I am feeling so much clearer and aligned. As for the Emotion Code… absolutely brilliant. Thanks again for everything :)”

Simone Narcheska - Energy healer and wellness coach


Nutritional Health

An essential part of better health

I used to think just like most people do that taking supplements and pills will help me replenish my nutritional values, until I found out the real truth about the supplements:

We have been given totally wrong information about nutrition

Did you know…

  • That 90% of the vitamins on the shelf are synthetic. Synthetic formulas not derived from food. Six large pharmaceutical manufacturers supply all the ingredients to the various companies that combine them into their own formulas and then put their own label on them. The original source? Petroleum, coal tar and GMO corn syrup. Commonly, what is called vitamin B is derived from petroleum or coal tar and vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is made from GMO corn syrup with the help of sulfuric acid. Do you have any idea what havoc they are going to cause to your health?
  • Most of the big food brands use genetically modified ingredients (GMO) for over 30 years. Did you know that these ingredients cause inflammation to your digestive track and to your whole body leading to allergies, chronic and degenerative diseases? Unless your food is organic you are seriously risking your and your families health.
  • Today’s spinach, for example, has only 17% of the iron it did in 1948. Extensive processing then reduces their life force and nutritional value even more. Human Mutation magazine has noted that the resulting micronutrient deficiency is more damaging to DNA than either radiation or chemotherapy. Such suboptimal nutrient levels impair the normal expression of our genetic programming.

Forget about the impact that lack of nutrition and harmful foods have on adults, it has a larger impact on our children.

Proof from scientific study (shocking facts)

A scientific study carried out on rats (as the genes and cellular mechanisms involved are the same as those in humans) suggest that poor nutrition in the womb can trigger permanent genetic changes and they were also at higher risk for a host of health problems throughout their lives, such as diabetes, growth retardation, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and neuro developmental delays.

The Kapelas System Insider™ Knowledge

A tip on how to look after nutrition in your daily diet

Start incorporating wholefood super nutrients food and supplements on your daily diet and get them with your first meal of the day, as this will reduce your cravings throughout the day, increase energy and improve your food choices to healthy ones…

So this is how the Kapelas System actually works:

  • Offer key information and solutions to ensure you are aware when it comes to food choices
  • Show you how to stop poisoning yourself from food, as well as help detoxify your body form toxins, heavy metals, air pollutants and more
  • Help you make the right food choices in order to reduce inflammation in body and avoid chronic diseases
  • Identify the mineral and vitamin deficiencies and scientifically test the most appropriate food supplements for you to rebuild the deficiencies and boost energy
  • Identify your weakest systems at the moment and strengthen them with the appropriate nutrition and food state supplementation
  • Will give you a food diary for a week and then advice on changes and combinations in order to make the most from your diet

Spiritual Health
What Keeps You Happy

Most people may find it uncomfortable talking about the spiritual aspect of individuals, in fact many even may find it ‘woo woo’. The reality is there is deep spiritual need guiding our lives whether we realise it or not.

Often lack of knowledge in this area leads to fear and anxiety, having a direct impact on happiness. Living a healthy life according to KHVS will mean that living a live without fear, and for that reason it is essential to address your spiritual needs too. It has nothing to do with religion whatsoever obviously, it is the deeper needs within ourselves that we do not take the time to recognise and as a result the actions we take or the decisions we make are not always aligned with what we actually want deep down, and end up living an unfulfilled life.

Here is how our system works:

  • Spirituality is connecting/listening to our intuition and connecting to our heart resulting in finding our life’s purpose and achieving our full potential as a human being. This can be achieved if we live life without fear or better without allowing fear to paralyse our decisions and dreams
  • So by dealing with the FEAR we allow our human spirit to achieve its true potential and be able to deal with life’s big questions. Fear can arise from stress and when the body and mind is not functioning properly.
  • The Kapelas Systemtackles with other key causes of stress too:
    • Correcting the nutritional and  supplementation choices that we make, as chronic depletion of  B vitamins and in particularly B3 (Niacin) can lead to stress, depression and fear amongst other thing
    • Detoxification, as heavy metals in many cases stored in the fats of the brain causing health issues ranging from depression to schizophrenia and consequently LOTS of fear
    • Mentally by learning to neutralise your negative feelings that lead to stress and fear as well as by removing the ‘electric charge’ of any limiting beliefs and past emotions/situations that hold you back
    • Dealing with the environmental stressors in your house and work. By assessing the electromagnetic and Geopathic sources of stress in your house and work , ensure that you will not be overwhelmed with stress by not resting/sleeping properly as a tired body will  allow fear amongst other things to  kick in
    • Physically by learning the correct forms of exercise, breathing and other daily shortcuts will allow you to stay out of the stress and fear zone.
  • This ensures that fear can not settle in and paralyse you and your decisions as you are mentally and physically strong to deal with life stresses and challenges and listen to your true inner voice/gut feeling rather  than someone else’s opinion.

The Kapelas System Insider Knowledge

A tip on how to have better spiritual health:

Expressing/feeling gratitude and appreciation first thing in the morning and last thing before bed as well as any time you find yourself being emotionally upset, can help you put your mind in the right direction spiritually.


Environmental Health

It’s all in the environment

Here is a good example to demonstrate the effect of environment on your health. The health of a fish will be very much dependent on the nature of the water in which they are living. If the water is toxic and not helpful to their health the fish will be sick and can even die.

The paradox thing though is that not everyone who lives in the same polluted environment will get sick and die, but why is that? As Louis Pasteur said last century the cause of disease is not just the virus but the terrain (of the person)  were it resides. Thus if your immune system is strong and healthy, it will be able to cope and survive. Therefore, preventative healthcare and lifestyle choices will determine how well your body will be able to cope with viruses, pollution and illnesses/diseases.

Fish is sick due to the water – (ref:

Did you know that never before have we been exposed to so many chemicals and other environmental toxins. There are over 3000 carcinogenic chemicals in our food and an average person may eat 6 pounds of chemicals per year. The EPA states that 60% of herbicides, 90% of fungicides, and 30% of insecticides are carcinogenic. This all leads to a tremendous burden on our filtration system–the liver and kidneys and the immune system.

To deal with such situation the Kapelas System takes the following steps:

  • Identify the environmental stressors from your environment (house / work environment as well as your life), things such as Power Cables, Overhead High Voltage Cables, Geopathic Stress, Wireless Networks, EMFs, Dirty Electricity etc that you may not be aware of.
  • Remove and / or protect you from them , show you how to deal, as well as help you correct any damage done to your body so far

While you can’t avoid being in the environment that you are you have the choice to take necessary actions nowthat will help you cope with this better and help protect your health all the time.

Left: Normal Thermographic Image; Right:Thermographic image after 15 minutes on a mobile phone…

Let’s put this system to work in your life

When I discovered the truth about all five areas, I created a simple step-by-step system that can perfectly address all these areas, and that is why this is the single most effective programme ever that will increase your energy, vitality and reverse or prevent chronic illnesses.

After many years of work, I am extremely excited to bring you my system, and finally have KHVS receive the respect and attention it deserves. I’m excited because this system had not only changed my life but lives of many around the world.

“Transformed my own performance”

“I’d just like to say, Kostas is a professional health coach and practitioner of the highest standard. The unique Kapelas System has transformed my own performance and therefore the performance of my business.”

David Robson - David B Robson & Partners LLP

Now take the first step today towards your most healthy life tomorrow:

Kapelas System™ is a COMPLETE 90 Days Health transformational system. If you have been looking forward to making all the right information in all areas of your life so not only you can minimise the effects of any chronic health problem, but also prevent yourself and your family from damaging health issues, have more energy in life and better vitality so you can feel in full control back, then you must take full advantage of our FREE 1-to-1 Health & Wellbeing Kick Start Strategy Session.

What you will receive in this 90 Days ZERO RISK GUARANTEE COMPLETE HEALTH PROGRAMME:

The 4 key parts of Kapelas System:  A combination of over 30 hours of one to one sessions, unlimited support, nutritional supplements and medical devices. Their synergistic compound affect will elevate profoundly your health and energy levels.

  • Screening & Personal Assessment
  • Protecting & Detoxing
  • Rebuilding and Strengthening
  • Continuity & Maintenance


The first step is very simple and easy to do. BOOK your 1-to-1 Health & Wellbeing Kick Start Strategy Session.

Here is what you can expect from KHVS:

  • Discover ways to take control of your total well-being with natural solutions to boost your immune system, give you more energy and help you overcome chronic health challenges. Realize how your mind and your emotions are linked to your physical health and how to positively influence them
  • Learn to protect yourself against chronic diseases such as allergies, high blood pressure, depression, cancer, Alzheimers, Arthritis, COPD, Emphysyma, Thyroid, Depression, Schizophrenia, Asthma, indigestion, constipation, chronic fatigue and nearly 200 more
  • Explore the right ways to enjoy food and find out the high quality and most potent vitamins and supplements to help you achieve maximum health and which ones to avoid
  • Create a personalised program that is right for your current state of health and guide you step by step to an ultimate state of health by affirming all of the five areas / pillars of the Kapelas System


Who is this for?

  • Are your family or relationships affected by your poor health and your moods?
  • Is your health sabotaging your work performance
  • Do you want more control over your health, body and emotions?
  • Do you have chronic health issues preventing you from doing the things you want and living the life you dream of?
  • Is stress taking a toll on your body and overall well-being?
  • Is your lifestyle costing you the healthy mind, body and spirit that your life deserves?
  • Do you want your body to be able to fight illnesses and heal on its own as it should by keeping it in a homeostatic state?
  • Do you live a fearful life and are constantly worried about what is happening around you, losing hope and unable to focus on your life?
  • Do you want to age gracefully?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions then KHVS is the perfect fit for you. Regardless of your age, background or current state of health, KHVS is an easy to follow step by step system to help you live a fulfilling life that can only be achieved through optimum health.

Here is how KHVS helps you achieve a life full of health, energy, vitality, inner balance and harmony

The KHVS works in four stages:

1 – Screening & Personal Programme

  • Identifying all the stressors in your life that deplete your energy and create a personal action programme to follow for the next 2 months.
  • Identify emotional stressors testing their emotional resilience – heartmath
  • Identify the weakest systems as well as identify the lifestyle and nutritional habits that have a detrimental impact on their health
  • Test the breathing to identify if the person is hyperventilating and what impact has on his health
  • Eating and drinking habits including testing for food sensitivities, allergies and parasites
  • Test for toxic heavy metals, pesticides, moulds, vaccination and cosmetic ingredients which create many health issues
  • Test what parts of the body are the most vulnearble at the moment and what needs support .This is hands on manual work using kinesiology, high tech equipment and nutrition.
  • Assess their work and home place for stressors such as EMF(electromagnetic fields), Geopathic stress, dirty electricity etc using professional equipment (Healthy Home Survey)
  • Including assessing your home and office for stressors with professional equipment, test emotional/stress resilience, test the breathing /if the person is hyperventilating, identify the weakest systems


2 – Protecting & Detoxing

At this stage we eliminate the stressors of our body and mind and if we can not eliminate them we other show techniques on how to deal with them like eating, training and breathing properly, giving protection to counteract the effects(wifi and mobile phone protections, zappers, earthing sheets, Vitamins and supplements and much more) .Also, safeguarding their work and home place from EMF (Electromagnetic Fields), Geopathic Stress, Dirty Electricity and other stressors.

At this stage apart of cleansing toxins, heavy metals, parasites, chemical cosmetics  etc, we will also help with the  removal/drop of limiting beliefs   and stop looping with negative thoughts and feelings.

During detoxing we help the body to get rid of heavy metals, parasites , toxins and the mind to control  and reverse the side effects/poisoning that their negative thoughts and feelings causing them.

3 – Rebuilding & Strengthening

On this stage we will start correcting the damage (many times a chronic one) that the stressors on stage one have caused.

  • Built Emotional resilience, remove/drop limiting believes and stop looping with negative beliefs and feelings
  • Change their Breathing and hyperventilation by retraining their respiratory center and move them over the borders of chronic diseases and life medication
  • Boost their diet with easy to assimilate super nutrients and fill in the nutritionals gaps/deficiencies that were behind of many of their health cahllenges/issues. Help kill any parasites present and build tolerance/get rid any food sensitivities/allergies. Some might take longer then other’s
  • Start strengthening the body’s weakest systems/parts and mainly the digestion and endocrine systems which are core to our health using the body’s biofeedback mechanisms for testing.
  • Use high tech equipment to build , regenerate the body’s core muscles and help with posture , headaches/migraine, pain and general wellbeing

It’s important to secure early benefits. Not only will this help subsequent treatment and activity in the rest of your programme, they will support your confidence and commitment to ‘stay the course’.

Emotional and psychological inhibitors to well-being and performance may have an enormous impact on the condition of your health – to the extent that they can lie behind several physical conditions. The  Kapelas System™  will help to identify them and most importantly show you how to deal with them most effectively and turn them to your advantage!!!!

4 – Continuity & Maintenance

The Kapelas System is not like downloading an App to your smartphone – as you can see from the very briefest of overviews above. It is amongst the most comprehensive of programmes for the improvement and repair of your health, energy and vital performance. However, it’s you and your commitment that plays the most important part in the Kapelas System.

The road to good health and wellbeing it is not a “sprint” but more of  a “marathon”.  The Kapelas System™ will empower you with unique tools, techniques, services and training to maintain your health and wellbeing so you can be on top of your game OR take control of your life instead of life taking control of you!!!!



Now there are some side-effects of KHVS

If you have been going through some kind of medical treatment you may know that most of them do have side effects, and KHVS is no different.

Here is a list of some of the side effects that you may experience once you go through KHVS:

  • Increased levels of energy and clarity of mind
  • Enhanced physical and emotional health
  • More focus and concentration
  • Mysteriously happier relationships with your loved ones
  • Unsolicited praise from friends and strangers on how different you look
  • Highly improved productivity personal and business performance
  • need less food and sleep
  • and much more

Get a FREE 1-2-1 Health & Wellbeing Kick Start Strategy Session with Konstantinos Kapelas 

So What is The Investment?

I will be  offering every month the chance to four people to get a full 60-minute 1 to 1 Health & Wellbeing Strategy Session with myself … for FREE!

By the end of this session you will have a clear strategy outlined for dramatically improving your energy levels, your focus and decision-making as well as increasing your personal and business performance in the next 90 days, guaranteed!

However, there are two strict criteria you must meet in order to qualify for the FREE 1-2-1 Strategy Session:

You must be committed to allocate the necessary time, effort and resources needed in order to improve your health/performance.

Clearly, it is much easier to work with people who are committed to improve their health and willing to take responsibility and follow through on the advice given rather than sit back and wait for someone else do it for them magically. And since I  want these 20 people to get the most amazing results possible, it makes sense that I only offer the sessions to businesses people  I  can make the biggest difference to in the shortest time period.

And the second criteria…

You must be willing to pay a refundable deposit of £147

This will be refunded to you at the end of the session, I  just want to make sure that when you book your session, you are committed to:

a) Showing up (both physically and mentally!) and;

b) Implementing the strategy I give you!

If you meet these criteria, go ahead and book your session now by clicking the yellow button.

So, you may be wondering…

Why am I offering 4 hours of my time for FREE?

Two reasons:

Reason #1: I love to help business owners and entrepreneurs to increase their Personal and Business Performance by Rebuilding their Health and Recharging their Energy levels in a matter of few weeks

Reason #2: This is how I get clients for the “Kapelas health & Viatlity System”

In the 60 minutes we have together, I  will help you identify a clear plan that’s guaranteed to double your energy levels and increase your personal and business performance in a matter of weeks. At the end of the call, one of two things will happen:

1) You’ll love the plan and decide to go ahead and execute it yourself. If that’s the case then we’ll refund your £147 deposit and just ask that you keep in touch and let us know how you get on!

2) You’ll love the plan and decide to have our team implement it for you. In that case, we’ll use the £147 deposit towards our fees, which vary depending on the size of the project. What we can promise is that however large or small the fee for your tailor made Health & Vitality programme is, it will be significantly smaller in contrast to the increased level of health and energy the you will gain and the improvement in productivity and business performance..


If you’d like to apply for one of the four FREE  strategy sessions that we have available every month, please click the yellow button below to pay your £147 refundable deposit and we will be in touch with you to schedule your session.




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